Reverse the Ban demo outside Lib Dem Conference in York

Disabled people and their supporters staged a demonstration outside the Barbican Centre as delegates arrived for the Lib Dem national spring conference.

The event staged by Reverse the Ban was against the city centre Blue Badge ban introduced by the Lib Dem Green coalition that controls City of York Council.

Afterwards demonstrators said delegates from different parts of the country had made supportive comments to them.

York area disability activist Flick Williams, who last month received an undisclosed sum from the council in an out of court settlement regarding pavement cafes, accused the Lib Dem national leadership of not responding to the campaign’s letters and emails.

She said the campaigners were holding the demo to assert their disability rights.

“Reverse the Ban is of course non-party political.

“But life is politics and so we’ve produced a leaflet outlining the positions of the four political groups as they were presented to us ahead of the local elections on 4th May.

“If the Lib Dems and Greens lose control of this Council in May they will have only themselves to blame.

She said: “If the Greens were having a conference, we’d be protesting outside their conference too!”

The Lib Dem conference continues all weekend.

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