Rolls-Royce to develop nuclear reactor for a Moon base to potentially inhabit humans

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NASA Unveils Axiom Spacesuit That Artemis III Astronauts Will Wear On The Moon

When NASA sends the first astronauts to explore near the lunar South Pole, moonwalkers will wear these stylish spacesuits which have been provided by Axiom Space. The first prototype was revealed during an event at Space Center Houston in Texas on 15 March 2023. Artemis III will land astronauts on the Moon to advance long-term lunar exploration and scientific discovery. Called the Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit, or AxEMU, the spacesuit builds on NASA’s spacesuit prototype developments and incorporates the latest technology, enhanced mobility, and added protection from hazards at the Moon. The company will test the suit in a spacelike environment prior to the mission. Through Artemis, NASA will not only land the first woman and the first person of colour on the Moon but pave the way for a long-term, sustainable lunar presence to explore more of the lunar surface than ever before and prepare for future astronaut missions to Mars.

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