York BID’s ‘Colour and Light’ at York Minster wins applause

The first official switch on of Colour and Light took place just before 6pm last night (Fri) on the South Transept of the York Minster.

Every evening from 6pm to 9pm, a colourful spectacle depicting the history of York through the ages, will be displayed on the minster, with the lighting highlighting its architecture.

First Look: Colour and Light show at York Minster

Colour and Light is organised by York BID and delivered by Edinburgh company Double Take Projections, who have organised similar events at other historic buildings.

Carl Allsop, operations manager for York BID said the event will run for 2 weeks, until Thursday February 23, a ‘quiet time of the year.’ It can be particularly be enjoyed by families, running over half-term.

York Press:

Reflecting how the colours emphasise parts of the Minster, he added: “We are taking things that may be hidden and bringing them to the forefront.”

David McConnachie of Double Take Projections said they had wanted to do a show at the minster for some years and they were approached by York Bid.

“We have done two cathedrals- St Paul’s and Coventry. This project is more about trying to project elements of the building. Above eye level  it is too high to see the background. It’s all about highlighting the excellent craftsmanship over the centuries.”

After the first couple of the eight minute shows, a good crowd had turned up, with many clapping in appreciation.

Among them Nerys and Lee Grimes of York, who said: “It was amazing, it was very good. We liked everything, the colours, it really lit everything up. It’s very impressive.”

Kelly Packman of York said: “It’s very colourful, it’s fascinating to watch. I liked the effects on the stained glass windows.”

‘Pat and Chris’ from Liverpool liked the precision of the show, and the gothic-style music.

“It was very good,” they added.

Indeed it was, as more started to arrive, to enjoy the free show.

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