Thicketford Centre in Tonge Moore to get fence to keep out vandals

Concerns were raised at the Thicketford Centre in Tonge Moore about the incidents.

The centre is home to a number of Bolton Council services including Bolton Carers, which offers support to older residents with dementia or disabilities.

In response to recent disturbances plans were put forward for a fence which would be 2.4 metres in height.

The application said: “The building has suffered from vandalism for some time, this is in the main roof damage. The building is single-storey and roof access is a simple climb.

“The roof damage includes removal of roof tiles, the said tiles being thrown at windows causing further damage, including rain ingress, causing significant issues to the services.”

The proposal came before the planning committee of Bolton Council this month.

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A development officer told the committee: “It’s a relatively simple application, the only reason it is brought to committee is that it is a council application, it’s for installation of a 2.4 metre high green coloured weld meshed fence.

“The fence would link into an existing fence which fronts the doctor’s surgery.

“It is recommended for approval.”

Councillor Nick Peel said it was good to see these type of fences being used.

He said: “It is really good to see the member developed policy of weld meshed fences rather than palisade fences which remain strong and robust.

“The security measures that have been taken over the last ten, fifteen years do leave the town looking a lot better rather than these industrial palisade fences.”

The application was unanimously approved by the planning committee.

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