London: Teen ‘raped by two men in park after leaving club’

Wesley Roden (left) denies rape while police are searching for another man (Pictures: Square Mile News/Met Police)

A teenager was raped twice in a park, including by a homeless man who asked if he could ‘have a go next’, a court heard.

An 18-year-old student was on a night out with friends when she got separated from her group after they were refused entry into the nightclub Heaven in London.

The alleged victim ended up getting into the venue on her own and was filmed leaving with a man on CCTV at around 2.40am on August 16, 2019.

Southwark Crown Court was shown footage of the man helping the student climb over the locked gates to Victoria Embankment Gardens.

Cameras captured the man leaving alone, before the student is seen doing the same eight minutes later, MailOnline reported.

Her friend told the jury the victim told her after that the man raped her while they were in the park, before a passing homeless man said ‘Can I have a go next?’

The first man allegedly replied: ‘Yeah, you can do what you like when I’m done.’

Police are still looking for the man the alleged victim was seen leaving with (Picture: Met Police)

Police are still looking for the man the alleged victim was seen leaving with (Picture: Met Police)
Wesley Roden, 33, of Warrington, reportedly said: ‘I’m not a rapist’ (Picture: Square Mile News)

A ‘good Samaritan’ helped the student after she left the park and took her to the police while she was ‘crying and incredibly distressed’, officers said.

Wesley Roden, 33, of Warrington, was arrested the next day while sleeping rough in the Charing Cross subway.

He reportedly told police: ‘I’m walking off the park and there’s a guy and girl on the floor having sex, totally naked and they just carried on shagging.

‘The man said: “Get yourself involved, get your pants down,” and the girl said: “Get yourself involved” and is pulling at my pants.

‘It’s the maddest situation ever and we both had sex with this girl and he was someone I did not even know. Is this something to do with that? I’m not a rapist.’

He pleaded not guilty to one count of rape.

The first accused man has not been found and allegedly is still at large.

The sexual assaults allegedly happened in the Victoria Embankment Gardens (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

The student had been allowed into Heaven while her friends went to McDonald’s to try and sober up after being rejected.

‘We drink as much as we can so we do not have to spend money,’ one member of the friendship group told the court.

She said the student ‘did not remember much’, including the first man’s face.

But she was said to recall a ‘bright light’, walking down the road to the park and the alleged conversation between him and a homeless man.

The trial continues.

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