Fareham ward boundaries redrawn after consultation

The Local Government Boundary Commission has published its final recommendations for Fareham Borough Council’s electoral arrangements.

The independent body has drawn the ward boundaries to ensure that councillors represent roughly the same number of electors.

The latest pattern of wards follows a 10-week consultation in which residents were asked to share their views on how they’re represented in elections.

They also commented on how ward boundaries reflect community ties and identities while promoting effective local governance.

Publishing the recommendations Professor Colin Mellors, chair of the commission said: “We are very grateful to people in Fareham. We looked at all the views they gave us. They helped us improve our earlier proposals.

“We believe the new arrangements will deliver electoral fairness while maintaining local ties.”

The commission recommended that residents should be represented by 32 councillors, one more than the current amount.

Two councillors will represent one out of 16 wards across the borough, one more than there are now.

Each ward could have a name with more connection to the area, with wards such as Portchester East and West being replaced by Portchester Wicor and Portchester Castle. In an earlier version of the boundary redrawing, Portsdown & Castle was the suggestion for the area that could now be known as Portchester Castle.

In response to the consultation, Councillor Chrissie Bainbridge, member for Portchester East said: “The two Portchester Wards naming conventions do not reflect the fact that both wards are in Portchester.

“The Portchester Wicor naming does not make sense as historically the area of ‘Wicor’ applies to the area south of West Street /A27 and not the northern areas. I also believe that it is important for local people to have their village names reflected in the ward names.

“I would therefore suggest that Portchester Wicor is named “Portchester West & Wicor” and that Portsdown & Castle is renamed to “Portchester East & Castle”.

“That would reflect the village name in both wards and highlight the significant (and known) features of both wards, namely Portchester Castle and the well known Wicor Recreation ground, Wicor Marina, Wicor Path and Wicor Mill.”

The recommendations are due to undergo parliamentary scrutiny in April, if they are approved they will be implemented before the local elections in May.

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